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Review of Jade Soft Facial Silicone Cups from Lierre

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

I'm so glad that Lierre included a facial set in their Jade Soft collection. These facial cups are made from the same soft and flexible silicone that the body cups are made from. You really can't go wrong with these cups.


Jade Soft Facial Silicone cups

Material: Platinum cured medical grade silicone

Durometer/Hardness level: 55A

Application: moving cupping

Quantity: 2

Sizes: Elongated Facial Cup: 20 mm diameter (inner rim)

80 mm height

Mini Eye and Face Cup: 20 mm diameter (inner rim)

50 mm height

Color: jewel green

Logo: Elongated Facial cup: Jade Soft

Mini eye and Face cup: none

Manufactured in: China

Price: Facial cup: $4.50

Mini Eye and Face Cup: $2.90

link: https://lierre.ca/silicone-facial-cup.html

Link: https://lierre.ca/silicone-mini-eye-and-face-cup.html

Even though these are not meant to be left on the skin, the green color is still transparent enough to watch what is happening to the tissue underneath the cup.The large elongated one has an extra wide rim for extra comfort. Don't worry when you notice that the mini eye cup is missing a logo. It's just too small to print on, otherwise it would come out distorted. The suction is great on the large one and the size is great for almost every part of the face. It's especially amazing when performed bilaterally. The mini cup is great under the orbital bone and gentle enough to be used under the eyes. I do wish that they had an extra cup, maybe a medium sized cup to have on hand. These cups would make great self care tools for your clients to use in between treatments. The small info sheet that comes with these would be great to pass on to your clients as well. I would recommend getting yourself several of these if you're doing lots of facial cupping.

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