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Review of Buffalo Horn Gua Sha tool from Lierre

I'll be honest it took me a long time before I even considered trying a buffalo horn Gua sha tool, as I wasn't sure how I felt about using an animal product in my practice. Over the years I kept hearing how amazing buffalo horn is for releasing sha. Fast forward to now and here I am finally finding out for myself.

Lets talk a bit about the qualities of buffalo horn first, which are important to understand in order to fully appreciate this tool. Buffalo horn is considered to have a cold and acrid property to it. Acridity promotes the circulation of blood and Qi and is moistuirzing and nourishing. The salty aspect of buffalo horn is said to soften hardness and ease stiffness. It clears heat and removes toxins (which is why they say it is the best material for Gua sha as this is what sha represents).

This tool is thin and fits nicely in the hand. The edge is thin enough to release sha effectively. It also feels really nice on the skin unlike some metal tools, which are cool to the touch and can feel like your scraping the tissue. The down side to this tool is that buffalo horn is considered porous. This means that it is not an ideal tool to use for a clinical environment as it can not be cleaned and disinfected properly. As a tool for IASTM and according to Arya Nielsen, who is the western authorithy on Gua sha, it is highly recommended to perform high level disinfection on your tools. But that's okay because this is a great tool for self care for both therapist and client. You could easily have a bunch of these on hand and give them to your clients with instructions on how to perform their own Gua sha as to maintain results in between treatments.

Price: $6.99

Link: https://www.lierre.ca/products/horn-gua-sha?_pos=1&_sid=973f5b242&_ss=r

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