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Review of Cupping Canada Inc. Facial Cups

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

These two facial cupping sets from Cupping Canada are all you need for your practice. Once again they have done the work for you and have taken out the guess work when it comes to purchasing cups. Don't get me wrong, I love variety, but with this comes some confusion as to which tool might be right for you. I strongly recommend both sets as it is good to have different cup sizes to play with. Sometimes the forehead wants one cup while a check might want another.


Facial Cupping Set

Material: Platinum cured medical grade silicone

Durometer/Hardness level: 45A

Application: gliding cupping and stationary cupping

Quantity: 3

Sizes: large cup: 3.8 x 8 cm

medium cup: 2 x 5 cm

mini cup: 1.5 x 5 cm

Color: transparent

Logo: red Cupping Canada Inc

Manufactured in: China

Price: $11.99

Link: https://cuppingcanada.ca/collections/cupping-sets/products/facial-cupping-set

I love that Cupping Canada includes 3 different sizes whereas most other sets only come with a large cup and a small cup. They also have an extra wide rim to make facial cupping more comfortable.The softer silicone hugs the skin and still provides an ample amount of suction. These cups get the blood flowing and the lymph moving very quickly. They would be excellent for clients to use for therapeutic and or cosmetic self care. The medium cup is great at clearing up sinus congestion and works wonders in other smaller areas, especially if you find the small one too small to work with. These are a must if you decide to venture into facial cupping, which is pretty much the best place to cup in my humble opinion.

Glass Facial Cupping Set

Material: High quality medical glass and PVC plastisol

Durometer/Hardness level: N/A

Application: gliding cupping

Quantity: 4

Sizes: large cup: 50 mm

medium cup: 33 mm

small cup: 22 mm

xsmall cup: 11 mm

Color: transparent

Logo: N/A

Manufactured in: China

Price: $54.99

Link: https://cuppingcanada.ca/collections/cupping-sets/products/glass-facial-cupping-set

The suction on these is so good. Squeeze the bulb hard for firm suction or softer for lighter suction. Once you have your desired suction move your hand onto the glass and move. They glide along the skin effortlessly and maintain contact with the skin reducing the amount of times you need to reapply the cup (which adds to ambiance of the treatment). These cups can be applied on both the face and the neck and the different diameters are an asset to any toolbox. These are my "go-to" for TMJ work. Do make sure to check your cups before each use to make sure that there are no chips or rough edges. They do involve a little more effort to clean as the glass stem needs to be removed from the bulb but they come off very easily and are equally easy to reassemble. These are an affordable high quality set of cups.

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