• Sarah Chute

Review of Cupping Warehouse Glass Cups

This American company supplies quality cupping supplies and takes it upon themselves to educate the public about all things cupping. They have a great work ethic and really know their cups.


Glass Smaller Facial Cups

Material: High quality medical glass and silicone bulb

Durometer/Hardness level: N/A

Application: static cupping, flash cupping and moving cupping

Quantity: 2

Sizes: Small cup: 22mm

Xsmall: 11mm

Color: transparent

Logo: N/A

Manufactured in: China

Price: $34.99 U.S

Link: https://cuppingwarehouse.com/product/cupping-warehouse-glass-2-facial-professional-and-home-spa-clear-glass-silicone-massage-set-written-instructionsonline-videos-faceeyelipbrow-cups-natural-anti-aging-reduce-wrinkles-rejuvenation/

These provide a great amount of suction. The bulb comes off easily so that you can clean and disinfect the glass stem properly. The extra small cup is great for work around the orbital bone and under the eyes to help address puffiness and congestion.Its also good for using along the lips. The small cup is nice for the checks, chin, forehead and above and below the clavicle. Its also a great size to work on smoothing out wrinkles. If you're looking for larger glass cups, don't worry they are available as a set just like these. I generally prefer glass cups as they tend to provide a stronger suction and the sizes fit into the little nooks and crannies of the face better than most silicone cups. You can also see more of the tissue through the glass, which is just as important on the face as it is anywhere else regardless if they are only moving.

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