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Review of Cupping Warehouse Silicone cups

This Florida based company has a very specific selection of cupping products. They supply high quality cups and even offer a course called "Introduction to Myofascial Cupping". They have excellent customer service and really know their cups. What I love the most about this company is their respect for the cupping community and how they support other cupping companies. They embrace the fact that there is not a one size fits all kind of cup and that other companies play a vital role in contributing to the diversity of cups for both healthcare professionals and clients alike.


Supreme Cupping Set

Material: liquid Platinum cured medical grade silicone

Durometer/Hardness Level: Between 60 and 65A

Application: Moving and static cupping

Quantity: 4

Sizes: X-large: 2.75 inches

Large: 2 inches

Medium: 1.5 inches

Small: 1.25 inches

Color: Transparent

Logo: None

Manufactured in: China


Link: https://cuppingwarehouse.com/product/cupping-warehouse-tm-brand-of-supreme-4-sizes-silicone-cupping-set-with-free-membership-to-cupping-secrets-videos-and-tutorials-on-how-to-use-cups-massage-cupping-for-pain-spasms-cellulite-lymp/

These have a thick wall and are great for static and moving cupping. These provide a strong suction and are a firmer cup, so if you are new to cupping then you may need to play with these a bit but once you get the hang of it these will become a staple for your clinic. I love using these cups for modern cupping techniques, which specifically focus on re knitting the fascia. If you do use these for moving cupping go slow otherwise make sure to use a lighter suction. The clarity of these cups is perfect for watching the tissue under the cup due to the presence of the platinum. These cups are also free from BPA, BPS, PVC, Phthalates, plastic, latex and fillers. If you like the more traditional cups made by Green Island TCM, then you should try these. These are ideal for healthcare professionals. Clients who are looking to use cups for self care should try Cupping Warehouse's softer cups.

Grip Classic 8 Chinese Massage Silicone Cupping Therapy Set

Material: Solid food grade silicone (grade 9)

Durometer/Hardness level: Between 65 and 70

Application: Moving and static cupping

Quantity: 6 body cups

2 facial cups

Sizes: Large Body Cup: 7cm (width)

Small Body Cup: 5.5cm (width)

X Small Cup: 4cm (width)

Large Facial cup: 3.8cm (width)

Small Facial cup:

Color: Transparent:

Logo: Cupping warehouse

Manufactured in: China

Price: $38.99

Link: https://cuppingwarehouse.com/product/classic-8-professional-medical-personal-care-silicone-cupping-therapy-set-by-cupping-warehouse-tm-copy/

These cups are a new addition to Cupping Warehouse's inventory as of last year. These cups are made of the highest quality food grade silicone, so you can rest assured that these cups will not yellow or become cloudy over time. These cups are unique with their tiny convex holes to provide a firmer grip. They have a smooth round edge and the wall is a bit thinner than the supreme cups. The body cups provide a strong suction, if desired, yet are still flexible and durable. I really like the extra small cup as I haven't seen these before and if you know me by now I love having all kinds of sizes of cups in my toolbox.

The small little circles on the facial cups are small in detail, but let me tell you they are such a pleasure to use. These cups do provide a stronger suction if desired and you may need to anchor the skin a bit while moving the cup. The large cup is great for the neck, under the chin, chin, check, lips and forehead. The small cup is great for around the orbital bone and lips.

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