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Review of DongBang Cups

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

It's no surprise that this quality set of plastic vacuum cups are available at Cupping Canada. Please read my review on their silicone cups for more information about this amazing company.


Material: Polycarbonate Plastic

Model: DBC - 100A

Application: static and moving cupping

Quantity: 19 pieces in total

(13 x #1)

(2 x #2)

(2 x #3

(2 x #4)

1 x pistal grip hand pump

1 x rubber extension tube

Sizes: #1: 5.1cm diameter

#2: 4.6cm diameter

#3: 4.1cm diameter

#4: 3.3cm diameter

Manufactured in: Korea

Price: $69.99

Link: https://cuppingcanada.ca/collections/vacuum-cupping-sets/products/dongbang-vacuum-cupping-set-19-pieces

These cups are a staple for healthcare professionals. I say this for a few reasons. First, let's talk about the properties of polycarbonate plastic. This material consists of polycarbonate polymers which are desirable when producing products with a high impact resistance along with transparency. The hard polycarbonate material makes these cups durable and capable of withstanding falls to the floor, which happen more often then we would like. Having said this I have had the odd cup crack after hitting a hard surface, but surprisingly the suction was not affected. Unfortunately, the crack provides a potential issue with disinfection and should therefore be disposed of. Cupping professionals should be aware of cheaper softer plastic cups potentially being more porous than a thicker, denser plastic such as these. I should also note that a component of polycarbonate plastic is BPA. This doesn't really affect us as therapists are the environmental hormone is only detected at a temperature above 200 degrees as per the manufacture. These cups provide a superior suction compared to other plastic cups on the market. In fact, this set may be the best set when it comes to the quality of suction alone. I prefer to use these cups for static cupping, but with a lighter suction they could be used for moving cupping. The soft silicone air releasing valve comes out easily for cleaning and disinfection and is equally easy to put back together. The pistol grip is smooth to operate. The extension tube is well made and allows you to administer cups as self care to areas that would otherwise be hard to reach. Please note: Do not clean using hot water as per the booklet that comes with this set. This is meant for professional use and should be cared for professionally. I really like how the cups are numbered (#1 is the large cup, #2 is a medium sized cup, #3 is a small cup and #4 is an extra small cup.) This allows me to make very specific notes as to which cups where used and where. The smaller sizes are great for the neck, forearm, hand and foot work and even to release a tight TMJ. I do wish they came with more small cups. The larger cups are nice for the back, glutes and larger muscle groups. In my opinion, this plastic cupping set is the set to have.

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