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Review of "Facial Cupping Masterclass" by Lisa Dowling

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

If you're looking to learn facial cupping or you already perform it but want to learn a few new techniques, then Lisa Dowling's Masterclass may be just the class for you.

I love that more and more classes are becoming available online. I'm personally a big fan of these types of classes for several reasons. First, there is no deadline to finish the course, which means you can go at your own pace, no matter what your lifestyle is like. There is also no waste of time. You control what you learn and when you learn it, which means you don't have to sit around someone talking for 30 minutes before you learn a new technique. You also get to see the techniques performed on these online courses whenever you want, which is a great resource if you forget a particular move or sequence.

Lisa Dowling is the founder of the Cupping Revolution and has been teaching since 2009. She is an accupuncturist, shiatsu therapist and a movement therapist living in Toronto. This course is an expansion of a Cupping therapy course that she teaches for Manual Therapists.

What I appreciate about this course right off is the notion of intent. As a practitioner of lomi lomi, I always set an intention before each session. It has taught me to be in the moment. As therapists we are never to do harm to our clients, and so with each cupping session we must be the best therapist we can be. The next thing i really like about this course is Lisa's focus on anatomy. This includes learning about the bones and muscles of the face and neck, the lymphatic system of the head and neck and the glandular system. You don't usually find this kind of information in a facial cupping course, so I was really impressed to see this in the beginning of her course.

In her course you will learn a complete half hour cosmetic cupping treatment that focuses on reducing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing discolouration, increasing circulation, giving a rosy glow, plumping the skin and increasing collagen production. You will also find separate videos and treatment prottocols for headaches, TMJ, Bell's Palsy, sinus congestion and other sinus issues, and a self care treatment video. I personally really like her treatment of the sinuses and I can't wait to use it.I i love that she explains the difference between "popping" a cup off the tissue vs. squeezing the cup to remove it from the tissue. Its great that she also cups other areas of the head like the sub occipitals, which you don't see much of from other therapists. You will learn contraindications for facial cupping and how to properly disinfect your cups if you are using them in a multi personal environment. I highly respect that Lisa endorses high level disinfection as this is the highest standard that should be practiced by all therapists who perform cupping therapy. Just make sure the product you use has a DIN number to comply with these standards.

You'll see Lisa performing mostly flash cupping in her videos, but she also does moving cupping. It is important to listen to the tissue under the cup. If it does not glide easily, then flash cupping should be performed several times then go back to moving cupping and see if the tissue has released. Make sure you anchor the skin as to not drag or pull the skin. When it comes to cupping the neck there are different opinions on how to approach this. I personally choose to cup laterally (across the neck and up to the ear) instead of down the neck. This is especially important for those with potential issues with the carotid artery as you do not want to dislodge anything by working around this area. This is a somewhat controversial l topic and this is just my personal preference. I would urge you to follow Lisa's directions meticulously and know the anatomy of that area.

What is great about her course as well is that each lecture is locked. This means you cannot jump from lecture to lecture nor can you fast forward through one. This ensures that the student learns everything that Lisa has worked so hard to put forth in this course. There are a few tests along the way and if you make a mistake or get a wrong answer you always have the option of doing it over again. It think its great that once the course is done you automatically get your certificate of completion and what's even better is that you get 36 pages of course notes to print out and have on hand. This is very gracious of Lisa to provide. You also can print out a consent form to give your clients.

You can see her passion everywhere in this course and she has put so much time and effort into this course. This is a great course so get yourself some cups, or bust out your cups if you already have some and try out her routine and techniques.. May your journey through the facial cupping Masterclass be as good to you as it was for me.

Price: $119 USD

Link: https://meridiancarecenter.teachable.com/p/facialcupping

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