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Review of Fascia Buddy Cups from Eastern Currents

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

This Vancouver based company prides themselves on providing clinical and therapeutic supplies for therapists in the healthcare industry. They are compliant with Health Canada's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and their customer service team is both friendly and efficient. Although these cups can be purchased by both healthcare professional and patient, the focus of these cups is for therapists. If you are looking to stock cups in your clinic look no further. Once you have registered with Eastern Currents and proven that you are indeed in the healthcare industry you then have access to wholesale (and bulk) prices.I love that their focus allows the client to benefit as well through self care. Let's be real for a moment, if you're a therapist then you know how hard it is to A) get your clients to do homecare and B) stick with it long enough to actually benefit from it. I'd love to have cups available for my clients to take home and use on themselves properly informed on how to use them. Clients are always looking for a quick fix, and I believe empowering the client to do their own homecare with cups can at minimum be that quick fix. At best it can bridge the gap between treatments to allow the client to maintain the progress that is being achieved within your clinic. When supplying your clients with these cups, they are also being provided with a detailed instruction booklet that guides the client on how to properly use these cups. This is a forward thinking company with exciting additional features coming soon to their website.


Material: food grade silicone

Durometer/Hardness Level: N/A proprietary information

Application: static and massage cupping (moving cupping)

Quantity: 4

Sizes: large cup: 2.5 inches diameter

medium cup: 2 inches diameter

small cup: 1.5 inches diameter

extra small cup: 1.2 inches diameter

Color: Transparent

Logo: Green Island

Manufactured in: China

Price: $29.95 (professional price)

Link: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/CP2151_Fascia-Buddy-Silicone-Cups--Set-Of-4

I want to take a minute to mention that these cups are contracted out to Green Island for manufacturing, according to the specifications of Eastern Currents, and then rebranded as FasciaBuddy cups. They have visited the factory in China and have great confidence that Green Island is providing cups that are high quality and as they should. Green Island has the patent on the "mushroom cup" for the last 20 years. These cups are made with a firm silicone that provides a strong suction. The harder silicone allows the cup to return to its normal shape once compressed with maximum suction. Having said this, they are also easy to mold into different shapes to address areas such as bony protuberances. I like to use these with light suction when I'm doing moving cupping and maximum suction for static cupping when indicated. The transparent silicone allows you to observe the tissue underneath the cup, but over time may become cloudy because of the food grade silicone. If you're a bath person like I am then these cups require a spot in your tub (or shower). These cups work really well with water, and all you need is a few minutes to release a tight IT band or put a few along the shin and calves. This is the beauty of cupping. Quality cups plus a few minutes equals lasting results.

Eastern Currents recommends the large cups for shoulders, upper arms, back, hips, IT band, knees and legs. The medium cup is recommended for shoulders, upper arms and forearms, back, hips, knees and legs. The small silicone cup is recommended for larger hands and feet, upper arms and forearms, elbows, back of the neck, top of the shoulders, knees, calves and shins. The extra small cup is recommended for hands, forearms, elbows, back of the neck, feet and small muscle group areas. These cups are sold both as a set and as individual cups.

Large Cup


Link: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/CP2161_Fascia-Buddy-Silicone-Cup--Large

Medium Cup


Link: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/CP2171_Fascia-Buddy-Silicone-Cup--Medium

Small Cup

Price: $7.95

Link: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/CP2181_Fascia-Buddy-Silicone-Cup--Small

Extra Small Cup:


Link: https://www.easterncurrents.ca/ProductDetail/CP2191_Fascia-Buddy-Silicone-Cup-Extra-Small

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