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Review of Glass DongBang Cups from Electro-Therapeutic Devices INC (ETDINC)

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

This Canadian based acupuncture supply company has been supplying the holistic and home health care field since 1981. They are based in Ontario and their products are all compliant with Health Canada standards. This company sells quality and only quality products, so that you don't have to worry about where your products are coming from.


Material: Glass cups with rubber valves

Quanity: 14 cup set

1 straight hand pump

Sizes: 8 x 4.7cm diameter

2 x 3.8cm diameter

2 x 3.3cm diameter

1 x 2.5cm diameter

1 x 2.2cm diameter

Applications: static cupping

Made in: Korea

Price: $175.00

Link: https://etdinc.ca/product/daegun-buhang-glass-cupping-set/

This set of glass cups is a dream. From the glass itself to the shape of the cup this set is a mixture of traditional and modern. It's the closest to the original fire cupping technique that I will ever get to as traditional fire cupping is out of my scope of practice as a registered massage therapist. The air locking rubber valves can be rotated one way to allow air to pass through or rotated another way to lock them. The straight hand pump offers a smooth application of suction. The valves are attached to a rubber casing that covers part of the glass cup, which comes off easily for cleaning and disinfection. Speaking of disinfection, I would like to take a minute and expand on the topic. These glass cups are an amazing alternative to the plastic cups that are on the market. There is a debate that plastic can not be properly disinfected and therefore should not be used professionally. The reason being that plastic can generally be considered a porous material thus being prone to microscopic pitting. This then becomes a potential for pathogens of all sorts to hide. The other potential issue with using plastic cups professionally is that they may absorb the disinfection solution making them brittle and prone to cracking over time. Also, note that this glass does not contain BPA like plastic cups can. These cups provide an incredible amount of suction, once they are on the body they aren't going anywhere, which was a concern of mine as nobody wants a floor full of glass. These cups allow a little less tissue inside the cup compared to plastic cups and can feel a bit cool to the skin, but this is the same when using glass facial cups and other glass cups for the body and in no way does it detract from the treatment itself. These cups are amazing for static cupping, because the suction is strong even with one pump I would not recommend using these for moving cupping. If I had to choose between owning a few sets of plastic cups or one set of these glass cups i would choose these glass cups. In fact, I might never use a plastic cup again. These are truly the best set of cups that I have had the pleasure of working with.

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