• Sarah Chute

Review of Green Island Facial Silicone Cups from Electro- Therapeutic Devices INC. (ETDINC)

This Canadian based acupuncture supply company has been supporting the holistic and home health care field since 1981. They are based in Ontario and their products are all compliant with Health Canada standards. This company sells quality and only quality products so that you don't have to worry about where your products are coming from.


Material: Food grade silicone

Durometer:Hardness Level: 63

Application: moving cupping, flash cupping and static cupping

Quantity: 4

SIzes: large size: 7.2cm length

3.3cm wide

1.7 cm diameter

small size: 6.7cm length

2.1cm wide

0.8cm diameter

Manufactured in: China

Logo: None

Color: Transparent

Price: $18,50

Link: https://etdinc.ca/product/mini-silicone-pitcher-facial-cups/

I really like the style of these cups. The pitcher shape is easy to manipulate and these cups provide a strong suction whenever you compress the cup. I'm always excited to try something new. These cups are manufactured by Green Island. They have been making cups for 20 years so they know a thing or two about cups and these facial cups are no exception. I like the larger cup for the chest, neck, chin, checks and forehead. The smaller one works well for under the eyes and around the orbital bone, nose and around the mouth. I like that the rim around the cup is smaller than most other facial cups, yet the amount of tissue suctioned into the cup is the same as all other cups of this size. I feel like the smaller rim allows the cup to mold to the skin better without losing its suction when you are performing moving cupping. I love that you get 2 of each as I am a big fan of using cups bilaterally on the face, although I do use a lighter suction when doing this. I also really like these for flash cupping as they bring vitality to the face quickly, but be sure to use a lighter suction as these are easy to get a strong suction and it may pull the skin too much. These cups can also be used on other areas of the body like the hands and feet. If you are tempted to buy these through amazon, I would strongly suggest only buying these cups through a respected and trusted source such as ETDINC. Especially now since Green Island is producing cups without putting their logo on them you really have no way of really knowing what you are getting. These cups are an awesome addition to your facial cupping tool box.

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