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Review of HACI Cups from Electro- Therapeutic Devices (ETDINC)

Material: Plastic cups with a vacuum creating bulb and a silver coated magnetic needle/tip

located within the middle of the cup

Quantity: 12 (6 red (North) and 6 blue (South))

Size: 2 x 3.5cm diameter cups

6 x 3.0cm diameter cups

2 x 2.0cm diameter cups

2 x 1.3cm diameter cups

Gauss/magnet strength: 2500

Application: static cupping

Made in: China

Price: $32.00 CAD

Link: https://etdinc.ca/product/haci-magnetic-cupping-set/

After taking a course on Modern Cupping by Bruce Bentley, I knew I had to get myself some HACI cups to play with. In this course we learnt how to use these cups to stimulate acupoints and how these points can bring about more profound treatment results.

These HACI magnetic acupressure suction cups are somewhat different from other cups on the market. The magnetic tip/needle is made out of a rare natural magnetic alloy with a high magnetic field. (the premises of magnetic therapy is that the magnets can positiveley influence a persons bioenergetic field or biofield. This field is also known as our life force or Chi (Qi) Altering this field may help treat illness and or injuries) The magnetic field of the magnets (Gauss) used in these haci cups are said to penetrate the human body up to 9 cm which is equal to the depth of the an acupuncture needle. For those who are afraid of needles, these cups are an excellent option to still get the benefits of stimulating the acupoints. The blue magnets are considered Yin and have a cooling/sedating quality. The red magnets are considered Yang and have a strengthening effect. These cups can be placed along meridians and even used to treat trigger points. Another great way to incorporate these cups into a session is with reflexology. The set also comes with a cream to use with the cups as it can be hard to get the cups to stay without a lubricant. Simply squeeze the bulb, place onto the skin and release the bulb. These cups can be used pretty much anywhere on the body. I've even see them used on the face to treat eyelid ptosis (Chirali). The tip comes into contact with the body but does not pierce the skin. My favourite way to add these cups to my treatments are with facial cupping. Stimulating and sedating certain points on the lower leg can have a beneficial effect on the face. You can also use a red cup then a blue cup, and continue this pattern to strengthen the magnetic force.

When it comes to other cups on the market that use magnets, these HACI cups take the cake in regards to the guass (strength of the magnet). The one drawback to this set of cups is that they do not come apart in order to properly clean and disinfect. This makes the cups more appropriate for single use or for homecare for your clients under the proper directions. Personally i think its great to have these in your toolbox if you're a therapist and want a sustained amount of pressure applied somewhere after a long day of work.

Please be aware that it is not advised to used magnet therapy on clients with a pacemaker, implanted medical devices or insulin pump as they may interfere with electronic equipment. Magnet therapy may not be recommended to use on cancer patients, during pregnancy and people with transdermal patches.

These cups are like a three-in-one cup offering an acu-pressure, bio-magnetic and cupping therapy treatment. Sounds good to me.

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