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Review of oils from Arbor Mundi

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

This Vancouver based company provides natural body products from South America to the North American market. They support fair trade production from communities within the Amazon and Andean regions of South America. They support reforestation and strive for efficient and sustainable long term relationships with their clients. The have partnered with Candela Peru, a non profit association that specializes in organic products. Having lived in South America for several years when I was much younger, this is a company I can feel good about supporting.


Maracuya (Passion Fruit Seed) Oil

Company: Candela

Extraction Method: cold pressed

Quality: USDA Certified Organic !00% pure

Part used: Seed

Color: golden yellow

Country of Origin: Peru (Amazon Rainforest)

Size: 33ml /1.12fl oz

Smell: light smell of passion fruit

Texture: light and fast absorbing

Properties: high in vitamin C

high in linoleic acid


Omega 3 (linoleic acid)

Omega 9 (palmitic acid, oleic acid)

Uses: moisturizer, skin care


Price: $24.00

Link: https://www.arbormundi.org/product-page/passionfruit-seed-oil

I love passion fruit so I was excited to try this oil. It boggles my mind to think of the amount of manpower it must take to collect and extract the oil. At first I wasn't sure about the smell, but once it hit my face I was sold. A thin oil it may be, but it has massive staying power in a way that does not leave your skin greasy. It absorbs quickly, yet I only need to apply a small amount once when performing facial cupping and facial gua sha. When performing these modalities it is imperative to use a high quality oil that is pure as it will penetrate the skin deeper then if used alone. This oil really does leave you with a radiant glow. I have used this oil with my morning facial cupping routine and many times left the house with no need for makeup. You can use it by itself, but it also plays well with other oils so you can tailor your skin care needs accordingly. Its an affordable option for anyone who loves a good facial oil and is looking to start their journey into the world of facial cupping and gua sha.

Brazil Nut Oil (Bertholletia excelsa)

Company: Candela

Extraction Method: cold pressed

Quality: USDA Certified Organic !00% pure and wild harvested

Part used: Nut

Color: clear

Country of Origin: Peru (amazon rainforest)

Size: 33ml / 1.12fl oz

Smell: light nutty scent

Texture: thin

Properties: high in antioxidants


Vitamin E


Vitamin A


B1 (Thiamin)

Omega 6 (linoleic acid)

Omega 9 (oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid)

Benefits: promotes collagen production

good for dry skin

treats melasma, sun spots and age spots

Price: $24.00

Link: https://www.arbormundi.org/product-page/casta%C3%B1a-brazil-nut-oil

This oil is deceptively hydrating for such a thin oil. I'm able to do both cupping and gua sha back to back without reapply oil. It has a beautiful glide which means I'm able to get a really nice suction with my cups and go nice and slow without losing suction or too much oil. I was surprised at the transparency of this oil, which is absolutely normal for brazil nut oil to range from clear to a light yellow color. There is also a faint smell of the nut itself which I really like. Since cupping can help stimulate the production of collagen this oil seemed like a perfect match. This is another affordable oil that anyone can incorporate into their skincare regime and especially useful for those who are doing facial cupping and facial gua sha as selfcare.

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