• Sarah Chute

Review of plastic polycarbonate cups from Cupping Canada

Material: Polycarbonate plastic

Application: static and moving cupping

Quantity: 12 cups

Sizes: 6 different sizes (2 cups of each size)

01 - 7 cm

02 - 6 cm

03 - 5 cm

04 - 4.5 cm

05 - 3.5 cm

06 - 3 cm

Manufactured in: China

Price: $34.99 CAD

Link: https://cuppingcanada.ca/products/kangzhu-plastic-vacuum-cupping-set-12-pieces?_pos=1&_sid=ced1b699e&_ss=r

This set of 12 plastic cups may be a generic brand of cups (very similar to Kangzhu cups), but there are some great things about this set. The first thing I noticed about these cups once I opened the box, was the clarity of the plastic. The tissue under the skin can been seen perfectly. These cups are light and come with 6 magnetic attachments (3 positive and 3 negative) that fit inside the cup, so you can use the cups alone or add the magnets for an added benefit. It's a bit hard to remove the magnetic insert in the smaller cups, but it will come out with some effort. It comes with an extension to use for self care on hard to reach areas and the suction is quite nice with these cups. Being made out of polycarbonate plastic, they are durable and hard to break. I like the size of the largest cup, which is bigger than other cups on the market. These cups are great for both static and moving cupping. Cupping Canada recommends these cups for home use, so they would be better suited for self care. I would agree with them, as they are a bit difficult to separate the black rubber stopper and the plastic air valve in the smaller cups in order to clean and disinfect properly for a clinical environment. All in all this set is an affordable option for those looking to add cupping therapy to their lives.

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